Customs clearance of vintage cars

Customs clearance of retro cars in Russia

Dear customers, if you came to our website, then most likely you already know that the customs clearance of a retrocar can be made in two legal ways:


Path 1. To get customs clearance of retrocar as a “cultural value”.


  • retro car with the maximum number of original parts (better than 100%);
  • it must be manufactured before January 1, 1951 (check it here).

You can not get registration for same car and you can`t drive it on public roads.

Path 2. Clear the car as a vehicle that involves obtaining technical passport for a retro car, after this


  • Customs duty 5,7 euro/cc (for example, with a volume of engine equal 5.7 liters duty will be 5.7 * 5700 = 32490 euros)
  • Conducting a number of expertises by organizations accredited by the Federal customs services.

The list of really accredited organizations you can get from Federal Сustoms Service –


  1. In case you have cleared the retro car as a cultural value, then the Vehicle Passport (PTS) is not issued under any circumstances, even if you are promised to do it for big or small money various organizations with beautiful names similar to serious research institutes or laboratory – it can be rogues.
  2. If you are already made customs clearance of the retro car as a cultural value, you can not change its category from “culture value” to “vehicle” even with payment of the customs duty in full – you have already cleared the retrocar as a collectible goods, not as a vehicle and under the current legislation, Customs can not change the status of the released goods and its classification according to the Customs codex of Eurasian Economic Commission (EAEC) for the foreign trade activities. The promise to do this is the main source of illegal income for rogues.
  3. If you have previously cleared a retro car as a cultural value and yet want to change its status from “cultural value” to “vehicle”, then the only way for you is to take the retrocar out of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EAEC) countries, outside of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. At the same time, your costs will not be limited only by transport to other side of the border – you still need import retrocar into other country without import duties, make export from this country and make other import and customs clearancewhen you import it to other states and it is not always possible in principle. The closest countries for the Moscow region and the surrounding areas can be considered Finland or Latvia. Ukraine in the current political situation would be risky, Belarus have its own difficulties and strange moments.
  4. How to identify fraudsters who promise to help you get a Techical passport for a retrocar? We will not point a finger, but you will need couple of days to learn the topic in Russian speaking Internet, so that you can figure out who the rogues. These organizations have several sites that appear in the first positions in the search for Yandex or Google on demand, similar to “получить ПТС на ретро-автомобиль” it is translating as “getting a PTS for a retrocar.” Some of their sites remain unchanged for many years, only phone numbers change and some – are created for a short period of time. Be careful and owning a retro car will bring you only joy.